Where to use

Where to use

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Facilities to use the CycloMop

  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Convention Centers
  • Educational Facilities
    Schools, Libraries, Daycare Centers
  • Food Service
    Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Fast Food
  • Health Care
    Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctors’ Offices, Exercise Facilities
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities
  • Lodging
    Hotels, Motels, Resorts
  • Office Buildings / Banks
  • Retail
    Department Stores, Malls, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores
  • Entertainment Complexes
    Stadiums, Sports Complex, Arenas, Theatres, Museums

Areas to use the CycloMop

  • Residential Homes
  • Restrooms
  • Self-Serve Beverage / Food Areas
  • Dining Areas
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Locker Room / Shower Areas
  • High Traffic Areas
    Entryways, Lobbies, Hallways
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