Why CycloMop?

Tough &

Ultra Absorbent
Microfiber Head

Spinning Action

The First Commercial Grade Spin Mop!

The CycloMop is a 360 degree rotating spin mop and will quickly and effectively clean up dirt, dust and spills from marble, tile, laminate, vinyl, wood floors and other hard surfaces. Floors can be clean and dry in half the time with the CycloMop.

The microfiber head is ultra absorbent and can be reused for multiple uses and is machine washable. The mop head is specially designed so it can be easily attached or removed without having to touch the dirty mop head.

The bucket is designed with a fast-spinning stainless steel wringer. This spinning action can be activated by the foot pedal or by just simply pumping the mop handle up and down. The CycloMop even has the ability to spin the mop in the water for more effective cleaning/rinsing of the mop head.

Product Features

Heavy Duty Mop Handle
2 Microfiber Mop Heads Included
Stainless Steel Spinner
Dual Action Cleaning
Use Hand or Foot to Spin Mop Dry
Double Gear Drive System
Dual Action Handle
Water Drain
Caution / Wet Floor Logos


Where to use the CycloMop?

  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Convention Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Food Service
  • Health Care
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hotels, Lodges & B&B's
  • Office Buildings / Banks
  • Retail

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